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3-Aug-2023: Synchronized Systems Technology: A New Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology
14-Mar-2023: Yet Another Non-Expert Opinion on the Russo-Ukraine War
17-Feb-2023: Goodbye to my beloved 1978 clock radio
18-Jan-2023: BSON utils for Postgres, SQLite, and -- yes! -- Ethereum/Solidity
8-Dec-2022: BGN: A Better Chess Game Action Information Architecture
17-Jan-2022: Converting MongoDB Javascript Query Language for Java
29-Dec-2021: Deriving Win/Lose Streaks with MongoDB
24-Dec-2021: Unagi Model 1 E500 Dual Motor: Reviewed!
15-Nov-2021: Postgres JSON, Developer Productivity, and The MongoDB Advantage
24-Jul-2021: NiMH and Li-ion rechargeable 9v batteries compared
2-Feb-2021: jq vs. python for scripting with JSON
12-Jan-2021: Review of Linux Compression Utilities
28-Dec-2020: Working with arrays in MongoDB
30-Aug-2020: Experimenting with Ethereum Smart Contracts As Quickly As Possible
17-May-2020: Running MongoDB scripts with command line arguments
7-May-2020: Enabling/Disabling/Mixing Direct Monitoring on the Focusrite 4i4 Audio Interface
9-Dec-2019: Why BSON covers more bases than JSON, AVRO, XML, GPB...
28-Oct-2018: A Nice Collection Info Function For MongoDB
2-Oct-2018: Hurricanes, GeoJSON, and MongoDB
27-Sep-2018: An Approach for Creating Pivot Tables with MongoDB
5-Sep-2018: Calculating Bucket and Moving Averages with MongoDB
14-Jul-2018: Semantic Analysis for CMDB
6-Jan-2018: A Hitchhiker's Guide To Blockchain
6-Jan-2018: Java and JRuby: Multilanguage leverage capabilities
2-Oct-2017: Dynamic Aggregation of Unspecified Fields in MongoDB
31-Jan-2017: WebF: Yet another lightweight web service framework
3-Jan-2017: MongoDB 3.4 and Money: Hello BigDecimal!
17-Oct-2016: Quick tips for using pandas with MongoDB
2-Oct-2015: MongoDB: It's More Than Just JSON
21-Oct-2013: MBI/MBD: Map-Based Interface & Driver(s) to Persistence
24-Sep-2013: Good Identity Architecture
10-Sep-2013: Want To Go On A (java.util.)Date?
2-Sep-2013: PQL: The Prefix Query Language
10-Aug-2013: Strength & Speed: Leveraging Java into RAD with JRuby
24-July-2013: Don't Directly Serialize Your Classes To JSON or XML
11-July-2013: Let's Talk About Money
10-July-2013: Why You Need an Open Source Software Governance & Provenance framework
4-July-2013: Software & Databases: You're All Missing The Point

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