Unless specified otherwise, these were taken with my smartphone as I go about my day.
26-Jan-2015  No cars on road, no cars on side of road, no pedestrians. Wow. This is at about 11:45PM ET, 45 mins after non-emergency travel was banned on NYC roads.
Looking south on Amsterdam Ave, at 82St., NYC Jan 2015
  26-Jan-2015  No cars here either! The Blizzard That Wasn't of 2015
Looking south on Broadway, at 82St., NYC Jan 2015
30-Oct-2013  Prog Pumpkin! Happy Halloween.
Sent via email by friend, Oct 2013
13-Oct-2013  Tesla Schmesla! Nearly a century separates these two electrics. This 1917 Detroit Electric has a top speed of 25mph and was marketed at ladies because it required no cranking, no fiddling with valves, levers, or fluids, and was quiet and clean.
Cars & Croissants Club Meet, Chatham, NJ, Oct 2013
  17-Sep-2013  It's just funny in several dimensions.
Flushing, Queens, NY, Sep 2013
10-Sep-2013  A high tech vending machine styled by the same studio that designs Ferraris. Look under the black line that separates the upper and lower sections.
At Five Guys Burgers, Rt. 22, Springfield, NJ, Sep 2013
  26-Aug-2013  Not so much of a warning as a resigned acknowledgment of the condition.
Somewhere in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, MA, Aug 2013
17-Aug-2013  After literally decades of watching traffic get worse at this intersection, the town of Oak Bluffs finally got rid of the blinking traffic light and created a roundabout.
Intersection of Edg-VH Rd. and Barnes Rd., Martha's Vineyard, MA, Aug 2013
  29-Jul-2013  The Danger of Integers as keys with meaning.
56th and, well...6½ Ave, New York City, July 2013
24-Jul-2013  You know we're in a litigious society when olive barrels have drowning warning labels...
125th St. Fairway market, New York City, July 2013
  22-Jul-2013  This used to be half an avenue block of vibrant music stores on both the north and south side of the street. This is where people came to buy guitars, woodwinds, drums, accessories, etc. Manny's, Alex, Sam Ash, etc. Now look at it. Only Rudy's Music Stop remains on the north side near 7th. End of an era.
South side of 48th btwn 6th and 7th, New York City, June 2013
  12-Apr-2020  Almost seven years later. I do not know when construction started but it was inevitable. For reference, I kept part The Cort Theatre in the picture. In the pic above, the Cort is 2 buildings away from the former Manny's site; the building sandwiched between the Cort and Manny's was a nondescript parking garage, also demolished.
South side of 48th btwn 6th and 7th, New York City, April 2020
15-Jul-2013  Kinda makes the day feel cooler, no?
Looking down 5th Avenue at 79th St., New York City, Jan 2011
  15-June-2013  This is a Boeing EC-135E ARIA, a 1960s era airborne telemetry plane. The "droop snoot" houses a steerable 7 foot dish antenna.
Museum of the US Air Force, WPAFB, Dayton, OH, June 2013
Here in New York they trade everything. [...] And of course, Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
Excerpt from "Trading Places"

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